3 Environmentally Friendly DIY Cleaning Equipment

Posted on: 23 October 2018

Nowadays, activities around the home require tools that require some form of energy to operate. While the tools help with various chores such as mowing the lawn or pumping water, some of the devices affect the environment negatively. Consequently, most environmentally aware homeowners advocate for electric gadgets since electricity is a clean form of energy. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can still make environmentally friendly tools on your own. With many accessories around the home and plenty of information available on the internet, it is easy to design and build your tools. This article highlights a few DIY tools.

Bicycle Lawnmower

For DIY enthusiasts who feel strongly about keeping the environment clean, there is always a cheaper way of owning an environmentally friendly lawn mower. A bicycle lawn mower is one such equipment, and all one needs is a used reel mower and an old bicycle. The two can be bought from yard-sales at very fair rates. To turn the bicycle into a lawn mower, detach the front wheel from the head tube and attach the fused handle of the reel mower. Once you are sure the reel mower is tightly in place, you can ride the bicycle and leave behind a neat lawn.

Plastic Bottle Vacuum Cleaner

Although there are small-sized hand-held vacuum cleaners, it is possible to assemble one cheaply. To make one, you need a direct current motor, 2-litre plastic soda bottle, a flexible plastic pipe, a small aluminium can, and a 12-volt battery. The plastic container will act as the dust bag, and the aluminium can will make a propeller-like vacuum fan. A DIY vacuum cleaner beats buying the handheld types because the latter are relatively expensive for their size. Once you start using the DIY vacuum cleaner, you will realise that it is very reliable for cleaning your car's interior as well as the couch in your home. Moreover, the 12-volt battery can last several vacuuming sessions, which make the tool environmentally friendly.

DIY Washing Machine

Using a washing machine to wash only a few items of clothing is expensive and not environmentally friendly. A DIY washing machine is a green and sustainable way to clean a few items quickly. Most of the inputs you need to build the DIY washing machine can be found around the home. The materials include two 5-gallon buckets, cup plunger, and a plastic water dispenser. Different tutorials offer various designs for DIY washing machines, and all of the devices clean laundry with little water and no electric energy.

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