How to Find the Right Fire Extinguisher for Your Tiny Home

Posted on: 24 May 2022

If you are preparing for the final steps of your tiny home build, one thing you should consider is fire safety. Fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are two common issues with tiny homes when the right safety steps are not taken. Before you buy a fire extinguisher, here are some ways to find the right one for your tiny home and what to know about it. 

Consider the Space

The first thing you should do when you are looking for a fire extinguisher is consider the space. The ideal size to consider is usually an extinguisher that is made for an RV, motor home, camper, can, or bus. These are all small and they usually can service the same area, or relatively close, to the area of the tiny home. Also, consider the space you will be placing the extinguisher for storage. Make sure it is an easy to access space and that the extinguisher will fit securely. 

Type of FIre

You will likely be dealing with standard fires. This means fires that deal with electrical issues or with traditional non-chemical fires. This is especially true if you have chosen to have off-grid wood-burning cooking stoves and heating installed. The good news is that these traditional fires are also the most common types of fire extinguishers. Keep in mind that if you have chemicals that may cause a fire, you should ask your fire extinguisher dealer what options may be best. Remember, there are several types or grades of fire extinguishers, so make sure you are getting the one that fits your needs. 

Backup Safety

One of the easiest steps to avoiding the need to actually use your fire extinguisher is to have backup safety in place. For example, you should have a fire alarm in the main part of the tiny home and in the cooking area. You should also have a carbon monoxide detector in place to notify you of any gas leaks in the house from heating systems. This can notify you of an issue that may lead to a fire. Another backup safety step to consider is to make sure you have a limited number of items that could catch fire and spread quickly. You want to have enough time to put out a fire before it spreads. 

When you are ready to buy your fire extinguisher, consider finding a reseller that caters to small spaces. For example, a camping or RV sales business will have smaller extinguishers. These are ideal for your tiny home. If you are still unsure what to buy, your local fire extinguisher retailer can help you. They will base the choices on the size of the tiny home and the type of fire the extinguisher is most likely to be used on. 


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